Covid-19 is declared a “serious emergency” by North Korea.

By The Advocate News

After more than two years of ostensibly keeping the epidemic at bay, North Korea confirmed its first-ever case of Covid-19 on Thursday, calling it a “serious national emergency incident.”

Samples retrieved from people sick with fever in Pyongyang on Sunday were “consistent with” the virus’ highly transmissible Omicron form, according to the official KCNA news agency.

Top North Korean authorities, including leader Kim Jong Un, convened a crisis politburo meeting to discuss the epidemic and announced that a “maximum emergency” virus control mechanism would be implemented.

“The goal was to eradicate the root in the shortest length of time,” Kim told the meeting, according to KCNA.

“He assured us that, due to the people’s great political consciousness… we will undoubtedly overcome the situation and achieve our goals.”

“We’re going to win the emergency quarantine project,” he claimed.

Kim urged individuals to “totally block the propagation of the dangerous virus by entirely sealing their areas in all towns and counties across the country,” according to KCNA.

To prevent the spread of disease, all business and manufacturing activities will be organized so that each work unit is “isolated.”

Since early 2020, the poor nuclear-armed country has been enforcing a strict self-imposed coronavirus blockade to protect itself from the epidemic, with the economy reeling and trade virtually halted.

Until Thursday, North Korea has not confirmed a single case of coronavirus.

According to the World Health Organization, North Korea had by the end of 2020 undertaken 13,259 Covid-19 tests, which

All of the results were negative.

North Korea’s collapsing health system, according to analysts, would struggle to cope with a large virus breakout.