In Tacoma, a motorcyclist was killed after running a red light.

By Charles Opara

According to the Tacoma Police Department, a car crash early Wednesday morning in Central Tacoma killed one man and caused traffic closures for many hours. According to authorities, the accident happened around 1:40 a.m. at the junction of South 19th Street and Sprague Avenue.

Officers from the Tacoma Police Department respond to a tragic car crash in Central Tacoma.

A southbound motorcycle on Sprague crossed a red light and collided with a westbound pickup vehicle passing through the intersection. Until about 5 a.m., the crossing was closed. While emergency personnel and the collision investigation team were on the scene, the on- and off-ramps from state Route 16 to Sprague Avenue were closed.

The motorcyclist was taken to a local hospital, where he was confirmed dead, according to police spokesman Wendy Haddow. The man’s identity has not been revealed. The pickup truck’s driver was a 64-year-old male. Haddow claimed he went to the hospital because he was in discomfort.